Our Services

- No Down Time
- No Harsh / Toxic Chemicals or Fumes
- Helps Remove Full Odors
- Sustainable Green Cleaning

- Outrageously Cost Effective
- Spots and Soil Won't Wick Back
- Stays Clean Longer
- The Same Machine Does it All

Pile Lifting / Extraction

- Removes dry soil that other methods leave behind
- Prepares carpet for efficient overall cleaning
- Reduces cleaning frequency
- Extends appearance life cycle of your carpet

Vacuuming / Extraction

- Combination of pile lifting and 130CFM removes dirt others leave behind
- Substantially reduces need for overall cleaning
- Adds years to your carpet's life cycle

Carpet / Extraction

- Spots won't come back
- Stays clean longer
- Eliminates downtime
- Ends unsightly streaking
- Avoids musty mildew odor
- Restores filthy carpet
- Uses none of your water
- Green Seal certified

Grouted Floor / Extraction

- Dry floors, no mess
- Results in minutes, not hours
- Machine does the work effortlessly
- Clean without chemical fumes
- Green, biodegradable product

We clean ALL types of surfaces! Effectively restore filthy grouted & texturized floors and carpet