At Enviro-Dry, we provide a range of products to ensure your floors are nice and clean!

Here's what the Freestyle does for you:

  • Has greater dry soil removal than conventional vacuums
  • Has counter-rotating brushes that lift pile to revive matted traffic lanes and dislodge soil from carpet fibers for deep cleaning
  • Superior at removing damp HOST SPONGES
  • Detachable base unit is ideal for cleaning carpeted stairs
  • Removable vacuum pod and tools are excellent for detail cleaning
  • Adjustable for vacuuming and cleaning under desks, tables, and work stations
  • Excellent for cleaning grouted tiled floors, too
15.5 inches wide x12 inches deep x43 inches high
Shipping Weight
71 pounds (approx.)
Weight in Use
58 pounds
Drive Motor
120 volt, 60 Hz, 5.5 amp, 9,000 RPM
Vacuum Motor
120 volt, 60 Hz, 6.5 amp, 120 CFM
Power Cord
40 feet, 16 gauge, 3-wire grounded, non-marring
6-stage, fine particle filters (HEPA-type available)
Cleaning Brushes
12 inches, 4.93 inch diameter
Wheeled storage/transport tray
Warranty on Freestyles sold in Canada
Please inquire.

What is HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner?

HOST SPONGES contain a balanced blend of water, detergents, wetting agents and natural ingredients. As the low moisture SPONGES are brushed through the carpet, the absorbent particles deep clean by dissolving, trapping and removing spots, spills and greasy, oily dirt. Like a sponge in a kitchen, HOST SPONGES holds and controls the cleaning liquids so dissolved dirt doesn't run into the carpet backing. After vacuuming up the SPONGES, carpet is clean, dry and back in service. HOST SPONGES are natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for people and pets.

Carpet Cleaning Products


Excellent for most cleaning jobs. Great for greasy, heavy soil, restoration or general cleaning.

Case of 4 12-lb buckets. 412H
Pallet of 16 30-lb buckets. 1630H
Pallet of 32 30-lb buckets. 3230H
Pallet of 48 30-lb buckets. 4830H

HOST SJ For Special Jobs

Formulated for special jobs such as asphalt parking lot track-off or for use on solution dyed nylon, polypropylene, white or off-white wool, Berber and light-colored carpets.

Case of 4 12-lb buckets. 412SJ
Case on nin 3-lb packages. C14007


HOST EXTRA! in a convenient to use 2.2 pound package. Handy for routine spot removal and small area cleaning. Perfect refill for the Hand Dispenser or Spotting Kit. Keep one of two on board the Liberator for spot cleaning.

Case of 12 packages, 2.2lbs each. C1376
Case of 6 packages, 2.2lbs each. C13027


Chemical action destroys bad odors by attacking odor-causing molecules instead of just masking them. Removes strong odors like urine and smoke. Superb for nursing homes.

Case of 12 8-oz bottles. C860

HOST Spot Remover

Great, all-around spotter that can remove most any stain when used with HOST SPONGES. Special emulsion removes grease, oil, and water-based spots. Excellent for gum, tar and hardened food spots.

Case of 12 1-qt bottles. S12L
Case of 12 8-oz bottles. S12S

HOST PREP Traffic Lane Cleaner

Traffic lane booster for extremely soiled carpet. Specially formulated to be used with HOST SPONGES. Concentrated - one gallon of concentrate makes five gallons of ready-to-use solution.

Case of 4 1-gallon bottles. PS4

Host Emergency Pack

A must-have for the professional cleaner or the in-house staff. Everything needed for cleaning spots and spills quickly. Kit contains tw 2.2lb ZAPPER Paks of HOST EXTRA!, one 8-oz bottle of HOST Spot Remover, one 7-oz spray bottle of Pre-Clean, a white towel and a HOST hand brush. C1298