Our Services

- No Down Time
- No Harsh / Toxic Chemicals or Fumes
- Helps Remove Full Odors
- Sustainable Green Cleaning

- Outrageously Cost Effective
- Spots and Soil Won't Wick Back
- Stays Clean Longer
- The Same Machine Does it All

Pile Lifting / Extraction

- Removes dry soil that other methods leave behind
- Prepares carpet for efficient overall cleaning
- Reduces cleaning frequency
- Extends appearance life cycle of your carpet

Vacuuming / Extraction

- Combination of pile lifting and 130CFM removes dirt others leave behind
- Substantially reduces need for overall cleaning
- Adds years to your carpet's life cycle

Carpet / Extraction

- Spots won't come back
- Stays clean longer
- Eliminates downtime
- Ends unsightly streaking
- Avoids musty mildew odor
- Restores filthy carpet
- Uses none of your water
- Green Seal certified

Grouted Floor / Extraction

- Dry floors, no mess
- Results in minutes, not hours
- Machine does the work effortlessly
- Clean without chemical fumes
- Green, biodegradable product

We clean ALL types of surfaces! Effectively restore filthy grouted & texturized floors and carpet

By partnering with a grout cleaning and upholstery cleaning company that knows the ins and outs of the rug cleaner industry like our staff does at Enviro-Dry you can meet a wide variety of professional cleaning demands in West Kelowna or Kelowna. Supporting a vast network of upholstery cleaning and grout cleaning experts across an array of rug cleaner services we are one of the few cleaning businesses in Kelowna and West Kelowna that can cover everything that may be asked of a first-class rug cleaner team. Featuring some of the top company reviews, feedback, and customer praise in the areas of West Kelowna and Kelowna we take significant joy and comfort in keeping our clients confident and clear in their grout cleaning and upholstery cleaning undertakings.

With an extensive inventory of upholstery cleaning and grout cleaning resources, we are a local Kelowna and West Kelowna rug cleaner business that wants to make our customers’ lives and jobs easy. Not wanting grout cleaning and upholstery cleaning to be a cumbersome endeavor or a convoluted or complicated process our associates at Enviro-Dry always bring clarity and transparency to the entire process of scheduling an appointment with a rug cleaner. If you are ready to have a conversation about all your West Kelowna or Kelowna upholstery cleaning and grout cleaning needs, we have team members standing by ready to assist and answer questions.

Specializing in every aspect of the rug cleaner business and all other upholstery cleaning and grout cleaning categories everything is available for discussion with our expert Enviro-Dry support staff. Giving you access to all you could ever want regarding upholstery cleaning and grout cleaning support, there truly is something for every type of rug cleaner necessity. Why make working with upholstery cleaning and grout cleaning companies in West Kelowna or Kelowna difficult when you can simplify the task by choosing a rug cleaner that perfectly matches your cleaning stipulations, specifications, and provisions.